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Juan Jimenez Also Known As Jay Starz Is A 16 Year Old Artist, That Has A Passion In Music. He Started When He Was 15. Him And Some Friends Were Rapping Just For Fun In His Bedroom. He Never Knew Music Was Gonna Be His Biggest Dream, Untill He Made A Music Page On MySpace And Got Addicted To Uploading New Songs. He Started Uploading Videos On Youtube, And Random People Watched His Videos And Would Share His Videos. Now He Has His Own Fan Base. Took Him Almost Two Years To Get Him Where He Is Now. He Has More Than A Million Views On YouTube. He Has Performed At His Friends Parties And Even Out Of California. His Biggest Inspirations Are His Family, Friends, And Justin Bieber. He Would Never Think His Life Would Be How It Is Now A Year Ago. Jay Starz Is Barely Starting He Has A Lot In Front Of Him And Will Not Give Up.

"Someone Is Always Going To Try To Bring You Down, But Everyone Has A Dream, So Why Cant You? Dont Give Up, Keep Your Head Up And Aim For You Goal" - Jay Starz